An event like this does not happen without the hundreds of volunteers that step up to put in some time and help us out.  Please review each of the different positions below.  Volunteer registration information will be available here when it opens!  For general information please email volunteers@mihigames.com.


If you are somebody who loves to be behind the scenes and be a part of what makes a large event successful, this position is for you!  This includes scoring, check-in, athlete corralling and volunteer coordinating.


We pride ourselves on being consistent, fair and accurate.  Every athlete should be held to the same standard no matter the day, division, or movement.  We are looking experienced judges with a CrossFit Level 1 Certification.


Safety is our number one priority and having a group of medically trained individuals is paramount for this to happen.  This includes EMS, Nurses, Doctors, Physical Therapists and anybody else willing to help!


Between our two venues, two workout areas and massive amount of equipment required for this event, we are searching for a group of people to help us move equipment before, during and after workouts.

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